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Henley Hasler Race Report 2017

The first race of the 2017/18 Southern Region Hasler Series was hosted by Henley Canoe Club at the Eyot Centre on Sunday 17th September. Cool, dry conditions with just a light breeze made for almost perfect conditions. More than 260 paddlers coming from as far away as Poole and Cambridge attended the event.

Divisions 7-9 raced over a 6km. course from the Eyot Centre around Temple Island and back, divisions 4 - 6 raced 13.2 kms. to near Medmenham and back and divisions 1 - 3 raced 17.1 kms. to Hurley and back. The longer races included a portage at Hambledon lock.

Representatives from Henley included Nell Priestley and Oscar Newton in the Lightening class for nine and ten-year olds, in divisions 7 to 9, Poppy Priestley and Phoebe Houldsworth-Bianek in a K2 and Dave Corke and Richard Masey both in K1s. The K2 pairing of Poppy and Phoebe took an unscheduled swim after 2kms. but self-rescued and completed the course Heading off in the other direction for two laps of the islands opposite Mill Meadow, the Lightning class for un der 10-year olds and under 12-year olds took place at the same time. One of the organisers, Keith Walker was delighted to see such a range of abilities competing and said he had received many favourable comments about the venue. Thanks to all that made the day such a great success!

Full results are available here

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